10 Best Free Email Marketing Tools in 2020

The common (and highly misinformed) belief is that email marketing isn't relevant amidst all the other contact points (social media channels, apps, broadcast media, etc.) brands have with customers. What do you need to capitalize on this potential of email marketing? The best email marketing tools. These free email marketing tools reduce your email marketing campaign management work by 90% by automating all key tasks of the process. To start with any of these best free email marketing tools, you don’t even have to pay anything. Once you know what works and wish to scale up, you can upgrade your free plan to a premium plan. Email marketing can be understood as a multi-step process. You cannot do all the work involved on your own. And even if you have superhuman capabilities, why waste time on something that can be automated or simplified with free email marketing tools? Hold your horses before selecting a random option and keep your money, business reputation and clients safe. First, you need to understand what to look for in the paid and free Email Marketing Tools. Finding the Best Email Marketing Tools It may seem like finding the right email marketing service provider or the right tool isn’t difficult. After all, most email marketing tools are pretty similar in features and pricing. You will find a free trial or basic version in a vast majority of tools. Also, they all seem to have roughly similar features too. Most tools promise to automate the email marketing workflow for you, help you track your stats, make sure you send more and better emails, and build deeper customer connections. But, there’s one thing that separates top email marketing tools that are digital marketers’ most significant assets—the ability to deliver on the promises made. Now, the real challenge here is to find a tool that actually works for your business and your set of customers.